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2) Summertime Blues

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Mimi leaned her perfect, long-legged sixteen-year-old body over the kitchen sink and took in the back-yard party scene. A long table was set up with paper plates, cups, napkins and nearby was a large cooler. People sat at round tables covered with bright vinyl tablecloths under a substantial white canopy sipping beer and wine coolers. “Who are all those people, Summer? I don’t recognize a soul.”

“They are all my relatives and they have no souls,” muttered Summer chewing on a celery stick as she tore off the filmy cover from the vegetable tray. “They like to sit around with their nose up in the air and pass judgement.”

“So why did you invite them?”

“I had to, sweetie. My cousin Ed’s dad is my boss. He wanted Eddie to have a little family surprise party before he left for Wyoming this fall. Word of advice. Don’t ever get yourself in the position where a man is telling you what to do.”

Mimi laughed, tossed her long, black hair and slid her thumbs through the belt loops of her cut-offs. “I won’t.”

“Hmm,” said Summer. “Meanwhile, watch for the pizza guy, he should be here any minute. And text Walker, will you? Tell her to have Eddie here in twenty minutes. Time to get this show on the road.”

Summer walked into the living room to grab her purse when Mimi’s mother, Mary Beth, burst through the front door. “Well you did it now, Summer.”

“Did you run into Walker and Ed? I know Walker will be mad at me. Ed’s such a horn dog but I figured she could handle him.”

”How about handling your own wanna be lover, Paul Bunyan?”

“Big Paul? He’s just neighborly. I asked him to bring over some games to liven things up, a little Badminton, maybe Ladder Toss.”

“He brought over a brand new trampoline.”

“A what? How?”

“He must have set it up in his back yard and hauled it over with his trailer. Ma and the grandkids followed him over.”

“What the hell!” Summer shot out the front door and crept along the side of the house.

There was Big Paul grinning from ear to ear helping Mary Beth’s mom, Eccentric Ellie, up the platform to jump with the grandkids while coaxing the guests to come over and spot them.

“That Ellie is sure nimble for someone in her seventies,” said Summer. “Hey, wait a minute. I thought she had long shorts on. She’s jumping in a skirt for crying out loud.”

Suddenly Mimi joined in and the trampoline was surrounded by spotters, predominately male including the pizza guy.

Summer sat down and leaned against the house. “Give me a cigarette, Mary Beth.”

“No way. You quit for good, remember? You told me not to give you one no matter what.”

“I’m gonna wring your neck if you don’t give me a smoke right now.”

“Why right now it’s not that-“

“Eccentric Ellie isn’t wearing any underwear. Just give me the damn cigarette.”

“Good Lord! What am I going to do with her?”

They both lit up and Summer took a deep drag.

“Walker is going to kill me for giving you that cigarette,” said Mary Beth.

“Well the good thing is, Eddie is going to love his party. The bad thing is Walker is going to kill me too. Misery loves company, Mary Beth. Shut-up and inhale.”

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Chris Lucka
Chris Lucka
Aug 08, 2022

Love the quirky twist in "Summertime Blues" episode. Fun! Join the party!


This is a fun read. All the descriptive scenes and characters make me feel like I’m in the scene and listening/viewing the characters in action!

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