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Updated: Sep 5, 2022

There was no wiggle room for a blind date. You got the cards that the hand of fate dealt you, but when Summer’s cousin Ed jumped out of his truck, even a friendship had its limits. At first, he looked like a page torn out of the old west; Stetson hat, cowboy boots but instead of wearing a holster he was carrying a Victoria’s Secret bag.

Walker Bugh quickly backed away from the window. What the hell did she get herself into? No place to run. She opened the door on the third knock.

“How YOU doin’?” said Ed, with a swagger, leaning against the door frame with a big shit-eating grin. “I am Summer’s cousin named after the talking horse Mr. Ed. at your service."

“You got to be kidding. If you are looking for Walker she’s not home right now.”

Ed let out a hoot. “Summer said you were fun.” He held up his phone with a recent picture of Walker on Facebook. “I have to say your picture doesn’t do you justice.”

“Remind me to unfriend your cousin Summer.” Walker stared at him. He was older than he first appeared, not bad looking, but she still had a good ten years on him. “You’re not old enough to remember that show, Mr. Ed.”

Ed laughed. “No, but unfortunately, my father was a fan of that damn horse. Summer told me this was your first blind date. Here,” he said handing her the Victoria Secret’s bag. “This is for you.”

“Okay Ed, Summer has leaky lips but enough is enough.”

Ed reached in and pulled out a beautiful bunch of fresh picked flowers. “For you my lady,” he said with a bow. He grinned. “I promise I will be a gentleman from now on unless you tell me different.”

“Ed, I am not your lady, you will behave and I’m not even going to ask where you picked these flowers.”

“Yeah,” admitted Ed. “It was kind of a spur of the moment thing.” “You couldn’t find a different bag?”

“It’s all I had,” he shrugged but his grin was infectious, and Walker couldn’t help but smile back.

“The flowers are gorgeous.”

Suddenly Rude Dude, the neighborhood’s adopted watch dog, bounded up the driveway and before Ed knew it, the collie had his long nose shoved up Ed’s crotch. Ed leaped back and Rude Dude barked his approval.

This time it was Walker’s turn to laugh.

The rest of the afternoon flew by. They ate lunch at “The Great Pasty”. Ed ordered the “Jay” Burger and Walker had her usual “Daisy’s” Grilled Chicken Salad. Jitterbug Jenny was in her glory waiting on a real to goodness cowboy, and Ed had everyone in the diner laughing. Walker had privately nicknamed the owner of the diner Jitterbug because she skittered from dining room to kitchen to the till in an attempt to run the place with only the help of a cook.

Later, after drinking a couple of beers at Red’s Bar, they took a stroll around the park where Walker learned more than she cared to about the John B Stetson Company and the original hat of the West, the “Boss of the Plains.” Overall, Walker enjoyed herself and was surprised when the text came through telling her it was time to get Ed back.

Walker realized on the drive home that it had been a long time since she had been out in a man’s company and maybe she should start thinking of dating again.

When Ed dropped her off, he kissed her hand. “Thanks Walker Bugh. You’re the best babysitter I ever had. Later c’mon on down to Summer’s. It’s going to be a great surprise party.”

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1 Comment

Chris Lucka
Chris Lucka
Aug 08, 2022

Wondering if the Ed-Walker relationship will continue...I'll stay tuned!

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