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"Strong Verbs for Fiction Writers" by Pamella Binder

Updated: Jul 7, 2022


Hi - I think you should check out this book, "Strong Verbs for Fiction Writers (Indie Author Resources Book 2)" by Valerie Howard. Start reading it for free:

Don’t let this invitation fool you. It uses “read” liberally. The only thing to read are lines and lines of alphabetically arranged verbs with suggestions of adverbs with complimentary verbs.

Personally I have not used this book yet as I haven’t had time to compose anything in months. Since I’m not fluent in a variety of adverbs much less verbs this book is enticing with their volumes of suggestions besides being cheap. I have purchased two other books in this self-published series, Helpful activities and Character Reactions plus a book published by Satin Co., The Dialogue Thesaurus. Since I’m a sucker for lists these books intrigue me with hope they will be good resources. Besides they don’t take up much room as they exist in my phone !

Pamella Binder

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