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"Who Wrote It?" Christmas Story Fun!!

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

MMW members contributed an array of one page holiday stories anonymously. Other members were assigned to read each story and then guess "who wrote it?" Now that we know who did, I've listed them for all to read. Happy holidays and enjoy!

(Click on the arrow next to each story to open or close)

A White Christmas-Kay Butzin

Snow crystals glittered under the rising sun and jackrabbit tracks cut through the corn stubble. We walked down the middle of the gravel road preceded by clouds of breath. Our rubber boots squeaked; and when my sister Donna talked, her frozen chin moved like Howdy Doody's wooden jaw.

"Gerry said the kids have been awake for an hour," Mom told Dad.

He chuckled, predicting, "They'll be wound up."

Mom stuck her head through the back door and called, "Merry Christmas!"

"They're here!" Randy hollered.

"Hooray!" yelled Tim and Joni.

Perked coffee and fresh pine replaced the odor of cold in my nose. Aunt Gerry knelt next to the pile of gifts stacked around a tree whose star aspired to touch the ceiling. Mom and Dad joined Grandma on the davenport, Dad draping his arm around Mom's shoulder. Donna and I settled cross-legged on the floor, while Tim clowned and Randy rummaged through the gifts looking for one with his name on the tag. Grandpa presided from the Lazy Boy.

In fifteen minutes, what had required weeks of shopping, hours of wrapping, and hundreds of dollars to put together littered the floor.

"Don't throw away any presents," Mom warned Donna and me as we rolled up the wrapping paper carpet and stuffed it into trash bags. "And keep the bows. We can use them again next year."

Grandma pulled a pinafore apron over her head. "I'll put on the bacon while you baste the turkey,” she said to Aunt Gerry.

Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Ed sauntered out to the garage where Grandpa had deposited a bottle of Seagrams for the annual Christmas toast. Uncle Ed stuck his head into the kitchen and motioned for the women to participate in the ritual, but Mom said she’d wait till after she ate.

"You might not get another chance," he teased.

“Tell everyone breakfast is ready," Grandma said.

Uncle Ed hollered, "Soup's on!" We converged, squeezing elbow to elbow around the table.

"Who will say grace?" Grandma asked.

"Grace," Grandpa answered.

We laughed even though we'd heard the joke every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter in memory. Then we bowed our heads and prayed together,

God is great, God is good. God, we thank You …

Cap'n Jac-Ken Stephenson

Christmas Is Near-Chris Lucka

Dear Elmer-Lara Bender

Doc Who? -Lenore Troia

Dust Mop Tree-Pam Binder

Home For Christmas-Debbie Walker

Merry, Merry Christmas Tree-Ginny Haller

My Gift to Give-Nancy Renko

My Grandmother Told Me-May Lou Bugh

This Christmas Eve in Michigan-Nancy Low

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