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Instructions for Mid-Michigan Writers website

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

For those who want to place a post on the website, it will be in the blog section.

NOTE: If you wish to post something on the website, do not use the “Contact” or sign up area on the front page of the website to do so. That sign up is only for people interested in MMW and is not for members who want to post something.

For posting, follow these instructions:

(Obviously if you are reading this, you are already on the website. But you must be signed in to post something. Keeping that in mind, the instructions here are for when you are not yet signed into the website. )

1. Go to the website on your search engine using the following full address to access the website:

2. In the upper right-hand corner click on the link “Log In”

a. If you have already joined the website as a member, you will be prompted to “Sign In With Email”. Log In using your Login ID which should be your email address. Your password should be the same password you use for your email. Please know that you are the only one who will see or know this information. There is absolutely no way anyone on the site will know your information for “Log In”.

b. If you have not yet registered as a member, click the “Log In” link and there will be instructions as to how to become a member. It will require your email address to be your ID, and the same password you use for your email as your password for the website as well. Again: Please know that you are the only one who will see or know this information. There is absolutely no way anyone on the site will know your information for “Log In”.

c. At the sign-up page it will allow you to sign up with using Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to do that although I am not going to recommend that at the moment as it may be more confusing to some folks.

3. Once you are logged in to the website, you will see a menu across the top of the page:

Home Meetings Blog Bookstore Members

a. If you want to post information on the Blog, click on Blog on the menu.

b. On the right hand side there will be a dark blue box that says “Create a Post”. Click on that.

c. It will open the next page which will be at the prompt “Add a Catchy Title”. Type in the subject or title to your post.

d. Next, below the title, you can move to the area below that says “Start writing your post here”.

4. Suggestion:

You can prewrite your post on your own word doc program and copy and paste it to the blog also. You can do this with photos, flyers, or articles, and also add links.


When you are finished with your post, make sure you scroll down and press the PUBLISH box on the bottom right hand corner of the area you have posted to.

Once you publish what you have written, it will take a moment and then you will see a verification that it has been published on the site.

That’s it! Your blog will then be up on the site and everyone who is a member will be notified through their email that a new post is up on the website.

After anyone reads your post, they can click the heart that is in the right corner of the blog if they like it, or just to acknowledge that they have seen and read it.

Good luck, and I will answer any further questions you may have at the next MMW meeting.

From, Lenore

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