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Our Story: A bit about us,

Turning Interest into Action

Norma Price was a writer who moved to northern Michigan in 1977. Once settled into her new home she found herself missing the contact she had enjoyed with other writers “down below”. A seed was planted and when presented with a free ad in the local paper, Norma advertised for others in the vicinity that might be interested in forming a writer’s group.

Stanley Pierce of Mio, and Brenda Wilga of Alger responded.​ Later that year, Norma, a contender in the 1977 Writer’s Digest Contest and due to be a winner, was interviewed by the Bay City Times. This interview generated a lot of mail from various parts of the state. One of those who wrote was Alice Baldwin. Norma and Alice meet in a local restaurant, and the two decided with the addition of Stanley and Brenda they had the nucleus of a writer’s group.


In March of 1978, Norma wrote a letter to prospective members and published it in the local newspaper.​ “If you are an active writer, published or unpublished, and are interested in being a part of a Writer’s Club in the mid-Michigan area, read on! There will be an organizational dinner at the Red Lantern Restaurant in St. Helen on March 29 at 6:30 pm.  A temporary chairman will be selected, and a permanent meeting place discussed. If you would like to be a part of this forming group, call

Norma Price…”


Thus over 46 years ago, Mid-Michigan Writers was born. Since that time a lot of changes have occurred. We are no longer just a “club”. As a non-profit 501 3 C group we have grown into one of the best and most productive writer’s groups in the state of Michigan promoting writers and writing in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula.

Mission Statement

The mission of Mid-Michigan Writers, Inc. shall be to inform and support

individual writers through readings, critiques, workshops, and conferences.

We will promote writing and writers in the Mid-Michigan area.

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